Terms of service

who we are

We Sell Tickets Limited (also known as WST) - Registered office Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX - Company Number 10390350

You can contact us by emailing hello 'at' weselltickets.uk or by phoning 0117 901 2288


We are located and operate in the UK, we currently do not accept events beyond UK borders or non sterling currency.

What we do

We provide event organisers and promoters with a self serve event ticketing platform, we also offer customer support, event insurance and digital marketing services, depending on the options and plan choices you have made. 

who you are

You are an event organiser or promoter creating events requiring ticketing aimed at the consumer market. We consider you to be a client of We Sell Tickets Limited. 

Ticket Purchasers

Consumers purchasing tickets through the platform are considered to be your customers or clients. 

Privacy and Consumer Information

Our privacy notice can be found here, this sets out how we treat personal data

You agree that you will follow any laws and regulations in respect of the collection, processing and handling of personal data you receive from your customers or clients.

Pricing Plans

Core Essentials - 4%

Core Plus - 6%

Fully Managed - 10%

Get a full breakdown of what's included in each plan here


Platform fees are charged at the rate of your chosen plan, 4%, 6% or 10%, no surcharges. These fees can either be passed on to your customer or included in the the face value of the ticket price. By default the platform fee and transaction fee are collectively labelled 'Fees' at checkout however, you have the option within the settings to rename these. 

Free events and free ticket types are free.


You will need a Stripe account, if you don't currently have one you can sign up for one by visiting their website or clicking the appropriate button within the WST platform settings. This will then guide you through the process of setting up and connecting your account to our platform. 

Currently Stripe charge 1.4% + 0.20p for UK based card transactions. 

The management of your Stripe account is your own responsibility, we have no access to this. If you experience any issues with your Stripe account we recommend you contact Stripe customer service.

A fully managed plan does not require a Stripe account, we will deposit funds directly into your nominated bank account. There are also no processing fees, these are included in the platform fee.  


As the event promoter on the core essential plan or core plus plan you are fully liable and responsible for managing your own refunds according to your own policies. If you are on a fully managed plan we will manage and action refunds according to your terms of business.

If you choose to make a refund this can be done via the platform. If you refund a ticket, platform fees and the ticket face value will be refunded back to your customer. Please note that Stripe fees will not be included in the refund. 


Revenue generated from tickets sold will be deposited into your Stripe account in real time, unless you have opted for the fully managed plan. Depending on your payout frequency set within Stripe, payments to your nominated bank account will be weekly or monthly. 

Fully managed accounts will receive funds minus fees within 7 days of the event. 


Any content such as images, logos and copy you upload or utilise within the platform you confirm you have the legal right to use. You also agree that any event information is accurate and not misleading the ticket purchaser.  

Event Cancellation Insurance

WST have partnered with Event Protect, in the case of an event cancellation affected customers would be asked to complete a simple online form which allows them to receive a refund.

This is an optional extra for the core essentials and core plus plans and comes included within the fully managed plan. 

Full details of the plan can be found here

Facebook Advertising 

If you have elected to use our Facebook advertising services the management fee for this is billed separately on a monthly basis. We will connect to your ad account to create and manage the campaigns, you agree you are responsible for your own Facebook advertising costs. These will be paid directly to Facebook through their platform in he usual way. 

Technical Support

We provide all clients across all plans with technical support either by email or phone during office hours. 

Customer Support Services

We offer our clients on the core plus and fully managed plans a customer support solution. This includes live chat, inbound ticket hotline telephone number, inbound email address as well as a link to 'where are my tickets?' page. You are free to use these singularly or together and advertise these in any way you see fit. Live chat will require a small piece of code being inserted into the pages you want us to appear on. Usually these are the ticketing related pages. 

All ticket types, dates, ticket pricing, venue details, whether created by We Sell Tickets at the request of the event organiser or by the event organiser are the sole responsibility of the aforementioned event organiser. We Sell Tickets do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on client / event organiser accounts.

We mainly cover ticketing related queries however we can also provide your customers with information about the event. For non ticket queries we would agree with you in advance what that would cover. In our experience we mainly deal with the majority of customer service requests by Live chat and email. We treat your customers as if they were our own, this means we deal with issues swiftly in a courteous and respectful manner.

Core essentials plan includes a link to the 'where's my ticket?' page, this allows people to request their tickets be resent. You will be responsible for all other customer support issues across all channels. 

Account Closure

If an account has not been used or logged in within a 12 month period we will delete it and any data contained within it cleansed, without prior notification from you that you intend to use it again.

Modification to Terms of Service

We will regularly review our terms of service and reserve the right to amend and update these, if the amendments are significant we will notify you by email of any changes.