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Social Media Advertising 

Struggling with Social Advertising?

Facebook and Instagram advertising is incredibly easy to get into and start using but, are you using it in the most effective way? Boosted posts are a great introduction to Facebook and Instagram advertising but can also leach money without generating tangible returns.   

how we can help

We’ll create campaigns across your entire audience funnel, monitor and optimise for maximum ticket sales whilst maintaining a profitable CPA. Our most recent campaign achieved a CPA of 0.59p per check out conversion. The ticket face value was £45.00 

Social Media Advertising

Benefits of outsourcing

We've had the benefit of working with a wide variety of clients and events. In that time we have developed a range of strategies that can be applied to most events, large or small, to hit your desired goals and sales targets. 

Our deep knowledge of social advertising, and more importantly tracking and reporting, goes well beyond the casual user. 

You get more time to focus on the other stuff, although we welcome as much or as little input as you want to make. 

You won't be kept in the dark, we report monthly as standard but can also provide you with as much reporting as you need. 


Our management costs start from £279 per month for marketing spends up to £1500 per month.

We don't tie you into contracts and we guarantee there won't be any financial surprises at the end of the month. The fee quoted will be the fee you pay. 

Any ad spend will be contained within your own account which you will settle with the platform provider in the usual way.  

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