New Pricing and Plan Structure

We've updated our pricing plans to offer event organisers more flexibility and options when it comes to platform fees. 

We now have 3 plan levels:

Core Essentials, Core Plus and Fully Managed

Both Core Essentials and Core Plus provide full access to the self serve ticket platform with the Fully Managed plan providing access to sales reporting and analytics. 

If you're experienced in using self serve ticket platforms and have the customer service support in house then the Core Essentials is probably the plan for you. We'll provide you with any technical support that maybe required as well as a link you can use on your website so that your customers can request their tickets be sent to them again. 

Core Plus includes all the of the Essential plan with the additional customer support services we offer - Live Chat, Inbound email, inbound phone support - we treat your customers as our own, meaning we deal with their issues in a swift, courteous and respectful way.  

For those that do not want to spend time setting up and managing their own accounts, we provide a Fully Managed option. We liaise with you to obtain all the relevant event information so that we can get your tickets live as soon as possible. We'll manage all aspects of the day to day running of the account as well as provide your customers with full customer support. You will have access to sales reports and analytics. We also provide event cancellation insurance with this option so, in the unfortunate case of an event being cancelled all affected customers would be asked to complete a simple online form which allows them to receive a refund for the full amount of the ticket plus any fees. 

Details of the new plans can be found here

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