6 Steps To Increase Ticket Sales

It’s an age old problem for most promoters, how to increase ticket sales. We’ve put together a few ideas below, not all of these are going to work for every event or situation. Although we believe some of the principals here will apply to many.

Get Granular

Start breaking down the numbers and set sales targets. Look to break them down into smaller monthly / weekly targets depending on the lead time to your event. This kind of granular road map helps to focus the mind. It’s also a good way to measure overall sales performance.  


Do more of what works

Sounds obvious but amazingly gets overlooked. If you are tracking your campaigns properly it should be easy to identify the channels that are generating the sales. Could be email, Facebook ads, organic posts whatever. Identify the main drivers that are leading to ticket sales and start to look at how you can scale these channels. Achieving scale is not always a case of doubling down on what you’re doing currently. For example, your monthly Facebook spend could be 300.00 per month. Doubling to 600.00 won’t necessarily get the effect you are looking for. You’ll need to look for creative ways to segment your audience and drip the additional spend into new campaigns whilst monitoring the results.   


Increase Prices

No one likes price increases and generally they need to be treated with some caution. Although most people understand that costs are not fixed and year on year inflation takes it’s toll. That said, rather than across the board price increases look at creating new pricing tiers. If the perception of value is there, ie VIP camping / parking, access, bundled merch packages or separate bars for example, you may be surprised by how many buyers opt in.


Audience overlaps     

Events and festivals are becoming increasingly more niche in terms of how they are programmed. This can obviously make it easier to target your message and creative to the right audience, but invariably people have multiple interests. Look at your event and look for similar audiences that overlap with your core audience. Through research, and hopefully, your pre-existing customer data you will be able to identify new target segments that will resonate with your event.


New Channels

Utilising new channels can be a good way to connect with a new audience or audience segment. We’re big believers in the multi channel approach. Although before looking at opening up a new channel we would suggest ensuring you are fully maximising the existing channels you are using. New channels take work to set up, especially from an organic point of view. You also need to ensure that the audience you are trying to target is using that channel. Again, proper tracking is a must as you will need to have a way to identify success or failure. If taking a paid approach, testing with small budgets should be able to signpost whether the new channel is going to provide a worthwhile return on investment.



We’re including sponsorship and ambassadors under the same umbrella of partnerships. We could have separated them out but in our opinion these are essentially partnerships.

Event sponsorship is not something we specialise in but we do recognise the merit it can bring to an event in terms of increasing reach and opportunity for ticket sales. There is definitely an art in bringing the right sponsor to an event. If you need some recommendations on companies that do this well send us a message, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Ambassadors. We believe for some events this has huge potential. Ticketing platform technology is now making it pretty straight forward to be able to allow your biggest advocates to sign up and help sell tickets. This is not just a rep’ing option, most platforms have this facility, this is about creating a community of highly engaged ambassadors utilising their social networks to directly sell tickets for you. Think peer to peer. All sales are tracked back to the individual ambassadors and in return they get value add experiences when at the festival / event, maybe a free ticket and become part of a community that you can engage with in a more focused way.  

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