Facebook Advertising Success

Facebook is an incredibly powerful advertising platform, alongside Google Adwords, these are the big beasts of the ‘paid for’ digital marketing world. Facebook provides an easy way for event promoters to get into paid ads, you might have tried boosted posts for example, however it’s easy to spend money and not see results.

Facebook advertising can’t overcome these issues

Wrong Concept - Have you done your research? Is there a market or audience for the event you’re offering? If your concept is wrong and there’s no appetite for what you are doing Facebook advertising isn’t going to save you.

Brand - Does your brand fit with the audience you are targeting? Is your messaging clear and articulate? Sloppy branding with poorly written ads and inappropriate imagery are not going to encourage anyone to engage with you.

Website - Given you have above in place time to look at your website. Is it well designed, does it convey your event and brand well, is it mobile friendly, does it load quickly? Admittedly there’s more to web design than this but in terms of Facebook ads these are some of the basic considerations. Bottom line, a poor performing website is going to destroy conversions.  

Assuming you have none of the issues above, here are some of main points you might to consider when it comes to Facebook ad performance.


You’re targeting the wrong audience - The targeting options available to you are extensive so it’s easy to inadvertently target the wrong people. If all you’re doing is using interest based targeting you’re most certainly going to be hitting some that have no interest in what you’re offering. Interests are good to get you in the right ball park or used to augment other targeting options but on their own they’re not as effective as you might think.

Right audience, wrong time - Interest targeting can be useful for top of the funnel brand campaigns but you’ll want to start segmenting your audience that visit your website and interact with it by creating custom audiences. Deliver the right ad at the right time depending on which stage of the funnel they are in.

Right audience, wrong message - You’re hitting the right audience but your message is not appropriate for the stage they are in within your funnel. Top of the funnel messaging is going to be less sales driven than bottom of the funnel. Additionally, if your copy is bad you are always going to get problems regardless of the underlying message.

Budgeting - Be realistic about what you are prepared to spend. You’ll need to balance your daily budget against the size of the audience you are targeting. Test small and then escalate the budget once you have a campaign that's proven to work.

Bidding - For most, Facebook’s auto bid feature will be the best option to use. You can manual bid but if bidding too low your ad will appear less, quality of traffic can go down too. Bidding too high you risk spending more than you need to.

Conversion optimisation - Ensure you understand how this works and make sure you are optimising for the conversion you want. Traffic, engagement, reach, leads and so on. Incorrect use of this is going to cause problems and cost money.

Ad types - Make sure you’re using the right type of ad to match the intended goal. Link click, either single image or carousel, for traffic and conversions. Images for engagement. Video for views, although it might be you use video as part of a retargeting campaign rather than cold traffic.  

Testing - Test everything. Image, headlines, copy, audience targeting, the lot. Test it all. Find what works and then test some more. You’re looking to squeeze as much performance from your ad campaign as possible.

Data tracking - Tag campaigns properly so that you can track the results easily. Having the Facebook pixel properly set up and installed on your site is a must. Without it you’re going to have a tough a time tracking and optimising for conversions. Whilst the Facebook pixel does a great job we also recommend having Google Analytics set up. The pixel is only interested in the Facebook side of  things, whereas Analytics helps with looking at the larger picture and where your Facebook campaign sits within it. We’re talking user journey here. Facebook won’t always be the last click before conversion, for some it never is, so you need to be able to see where it’s assisting in the conversion.   

Metrics - It can be easy to get hung up on metrics. It’s important to understand which ones matter the most to you and the goals you’ve set. Whilst the likes of CPC and CTR’s have their place you probably want to be focused on the cost per conversion or the action you want someone to take, i.e purchase a ticket or register for an event. CPC, CTR’s, bounce rate, time on site, page views, take your pick. These are the lead metrics you want to look at to assess the health of your campaign. Ultimately though it’s all about the intended conversion.  

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