What to look for in a ticketing platform

You’re in the market for a ticketing platform, you might be looking for your first platform or looking to move away from your current provider. Here are some of the main features we believe you’ll want.


Simplicity & ease of use

There are two sides to this, the backend that you as the promoter will use and the front end that your ticket purchasers will use.


Navigation and menus should be clearly laid out in a logical manner with relevant nested sub menus. In an ideal world there will be some info icons that you can hover your mouse over to provide additional information for key terms and features. The backend should be built in such a way that even the least technical can find their way round the system and access the information they need with minimal assistance, if any.


How this works can have an impact on your ticket sales, the system needs to be clear and work in a logical manner. Depending how you set up your event, only information relevant to the event should appear. Utilising a check out flow in the shortest amount of steps is preferable in order to optimise conversion rates.


Customisable Ticket Page / Shop

Ticket pages need to be fully customisable so that appearance and branding can be altered to fit in with the event page or website. No coding required! Drag and drop is a bonus. As too is the option to add your own CSS.  


Mobile Friendly

Almost goes without saying, but it will need to be mobile friendly.



Can’t imagine there are too many platforms that don’t have in built reporting and analytics features. At a basic level you will need to be able to see your orders, your attendee lists, gross / net sales and refunds. Essentially the main financial information from your ticket sales.  



It’s been said recently that data is the new oil rush. Who owns it and who can access it? It should be you. You’ve spent money on marketing and event promotion to sell tickets to your event, not provide a free data resource for the platform provider. Make sure that you can download your customer details and walk away if you want to.  



This is a fairly over-hyped feature set which should be pretty much standard on most platforms. It integrates with Facebook and Google Analytics as well as a handful of other social channels. Social sharing icons are available. You can embed the ticket page into your website. There is an app that you can embed into your Facebook page.

The key takeaways here are: you can add the Facebook pixel id to the platform. You’ll need this to track back sales to Facebook campaigns and help build funnels. You can add the Google Analytics id so that you can monitor traffic and set up ecommerce, if required.


Intelligent ticketing

You will want to be able to have multiple ticket types, with the ability to set pricing accordingly. Bonus if you can set additional options that only appear with certain ticket types, for example a child ticket can only be booked with an adult ticket.



When are you likely to get paid? If it’s after the event then you are pre-loading all your costs, which in fairness may not be an issue for some. However, we believe you should get paid into your nominated bank account when you sell tickets, if you run multiple events this will certainly help with your cash flow.



This is a feature which can’t be emphasised enough, if you are taking payments online security needs to be a priority. Regular security reviews, a security policy and PCI compliant as well as SSL encryption.

Customer Support

You’ll want to work with a company that can provide dedicated support when you need it. Bonus if they offer ticketing support to your customers or provide a ticket hotline for sales over phone.

We Sell Tickets

We offer all our clients the above and more, regardless of event size and type our platform and service can easily scale with your event.

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