Measuring Music 2017 Report

Measuring Music Report 2017


2016 was a stellar year for the live side of the music industry, latest figures from the UK Music report indicates a rise of 14% over the the previous year. This equates to £1 billion in revenue, total revenue for the music industry as a whole came in a £4.4 billion, a rise of + 6% on the previous year. 

Live Music 2016 in Numbers

  • 3.9 million - Total festival attendance in the UK in 2016

  • 27 million -Total concert attendance in the UK in 2016

  • 18,4 million - Local residents attended local music events in the UK in 2016

  • 30.9 million - Total audience that attended live music events in the UK in 2016

Music Tourism in Numbers

  • £4 billion - Total direct and indirect spend generated by music tourism in the UK

  • 12.5 million - Music tourists in 2016

  • £656 million - Box office spend on tickets by music tourists in 2016

  • £45 million - Total box office spend on tickets by overseas music tourists in 2016

  • 32.5 billion - Amount spent directly by music tourists

"All music makes an overwhelming contribution to life and culture in this country of ours, especially at a time when the social wounds from recent events are fresh in our minds and in need of comfort and healing.

When it comes to live music and the number of music tourists, there has been a tremendous 76% rise from nine million in 2013 to 12.5 million visitors in 2016.

Their contribution to the economy is huge. In 2013, music tourists spent a total of £2.8 billion directly on tickets and indirectly on purchases like hotel rooms and transport.

That figure soared in 2016 to £4 billion – the equivalent of £850 per head for overseas visitors.

The number of jobs sustained by music tourism also continues to grow strongly. Last year, that total hit a new high of 47,445 – a 41% increase on the 2013 figure of 33,509.

Our live music industry has led the way in attracting visitors to the UK and our top performers continue to generate revenue and jobs in the UK"

Andy Heath - Chairman, UK Music

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